Hello! My name is Ernest Surudo.

I design and develop products and business solutions. Tech freelancer for hire.

Toronto, Canada • Kraków, Poland

In short

I am a passionate technologist with 8+ years of experience doing requirements gathering, consultation, solutions architecture, design, and development – the whole process start-to-finish. I believe in testable applications with a strong UX focus, have experience with a wide range of technologies, and a proven track-record of delivering useful applications. I am proficient in full-stack web and mobile app development, and much more besides.

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I have worked with…

  • Region of Waterloo International Airport
  • Orthogenic Laboratories
  • Sign2Web Inc.
  • Fusion Retail Analytics
  • RTO4.ca
  • Pravala Networks
  • inSitesCreative.ca
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More about me

I grew up in a combination of Poland and Canada, and have a degree in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

I've had experience at organizations large-and-small in the USA & Canada, and have spent the past 8+ years doing tech consulting, freelancing, as well as working on several longer-term projects.

I specialize in web and mobile technologies, and have a knack for picking things up quickly. I also love to teach others!

I am opinionated and believe in picking the right tool for the job, and I have worked with a wide variety of technologies over the course of my career.

What really gets me excited is solving real business problems using technology.

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